Kamisaki Pachamama!

Kamisaki Pachamama! Hello World!

Welcome to Just in the Middle. A blog that shares unique perspective through analogies, associations, stories and a host of other off the wall drawings, diagrams and illustrations to simplify and re-examine “life in the middle”. I should “role my credits” upfront and thank a host of people for supporting my new addiction to blogging including a brilliant colleague from Chicago who runs Chicago Bites who says, “Blog about your passion”, my supportive staff who say, “Post something already!” and my understanding wife who has had to brainstorm about twenty variations of the name “Just in the Middle”.

What better way to introduce this blog than with the title “Kamisaki Pachamama!” If you are a curious person, you’ve by now Googled Kamisaki Pachamama! and learned its Aymaran for “Hello World!” This should tell you two things. I’m a closet programmer. And as my blog suggests, I have a slightly odd and uncommon view of common things. Why Aymaran? Read next week’s post and I’ll explain how a language spoken by around 2.2 million Aymaran people in the Andes in Bolivia and Peru has any tie-in to this blog.

So about me and Just in the Middle. I direct a team of webbies in a mid-sized organization in Kansas City and sit smack dab between a group of communicators and IT. My corporate Strengths Finder super secret decoder ring says I’m good at achieving, strategizing, ideating, learning and being responsible. So I’m a brown nozing, head in the clouds, book worm and ‘Yes Man’ right? Not so much. Let me put it this way. When most people sit on their couch and enjoy the peace and quiet of their house, I don’t. I have that itch to rip down a wall first, than learn how to put it back up second. I love to build and to improve things and I have a tendency to think about 100 steps too far ahead and trip over the immediate step in front of me. But when push comes to shove, that bathroom remodel gets done. Maybe not in the 2-3 months promised, but definitely within 2-3 years.

Enter Just in the Middle. My passion is the distilling of the complex into digestible parts and approaches so others can use them as models when stuck between two equally complex or sometimes shitty choices. This is about my life in the middle and an Einstein-ian approach that all complex things can be solved by an application to everyday life and that a universal formula exists to explain all things. What topics will we cover? Many will be business focused, but others about life in general. Leadership, parenting, corporate culture, user experience/usability, cooking, web design, IT practices, ethnography, home remodeling, product design, psychology, K-State sports, entrepreneurship, economics, anthropology, social media and society, history, development practices and a hint of quantum physics.

Almost done. Before we end this, three quick basics about my blog.

One. My motivation for doing this. Everyone in life should be honest about why they really do something before doing it. I blog because I have a passion and I think I have something to share that’s amusing and of value. I also have a lot to learn and believe that ‘we’ all learn together. That’s it. Talk is cheap, so I promise my actions will match my words.

Two. What this blog is and isn’t. Let me say that this isn’t one of those corporate, money-making schemes. I’m really an average guy with two kids, two cats, in middle management, middle income, middle of the road life and always between a business need and solution, my boss and my staff and my wife and kids. It was damn hard work to get in the middle. I’m genuine, honest and this is real-life stuff. I’m NOT a writer, so this is not going to be War & Peace. Also, I promise to do some background so as not to steal others’ ideas. However, I have two kids, little time and when ideas strike they may find their way into the blog before the copyright committee is called.

Three. My blogging commandments. Communicating is like courting. I’m married and I have no idea what dating is like today, so I’m using Patti Stanger’s “Seven New Rules for the First Date” from Newsweek as my Seven Blogging Commandments.

  1. “Don’t Mention the Ex”
    Your time is important and what you have to say is important. I won’t waste it by talking incessantly or obessively about crap.
  2. “Don’t Discuss God or Gingrich”
    You saw my list of topics. Religion and politics are NOT included.
  3. “Don’t Use Them for Therapy”
    This isn’t a boo-hoo blog. If my cat suddenly gets pneumonia, you won’t hear it from me.
  4. “Don’t Get Wasted”
    I promise never to over indulge or become abusive in a topic.
  5. “Don’t Bring Up Marriage or Kids”
    According to Patti, this rule is (Ladies Only), so I’m exempt. You’ll probably hear about my wife and kids a few times.
  6. “Don’t Talk Dirty”
    This is a pro-educational, anti-corporate minded blog, so I will keep my comments clean if you do. No NC-17 ratings.
  7. “Don’t Be Rude”
    Speaks for itself right?

That’s it for my first blog post.

Next week. About Aymaran; Jisa, Jani and Ina; and where “wet your appetite” really comes from.

2 Responses to "Kamisaki Pachamama!"
  1. alisha says:

    Interesting and funny Jon……I’ve got it in my favorites and hope you continue to blog. I wish I had your passion! :)

  2. Sharon says:

    I just want you to know, I WANT to hear if your cat gets pneumonia…. but that’s just me :)

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